March 02, 2014

New Taylor Swift Perfume Product at Walmart!

I was at Walmart today and I spotted a new perfume product on one of the end caps. It's called the Solid Perfume Pencil. It was so crowded in there today I didn't get a chance to inspect them closely. But from what I can tell, they're a solid form of each of Taylor Swift's perfumes; Enchanted, Wonderstruck Enchanted, and Taylor.

The ad said only available at Walmart, so hopefully you have one nearby to go check these out! They're brand new!! I'm going to go back and try to get the one in Wonderstruck Enchanted, it's by far one of my favorite perfumes.

These retail for $9.47 a piece. Definitely looks like something I'd want to have around in my purse instead of a perfume. Or if I need a quick touch up on the scent through out the day.

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