June 15, 2014

Review | Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Creme Lipsticks

Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Creme Lipsticks

I recently hauled two of the nude creme lipsticks from the Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection. These lipsticks are permanent to the line and retail for $3.49 each at Walgreens.

This month at Walgreens, they are on sale for $2.49 a piece!

Let's get in to the review!

The lighter nude shade, Fergie Daily, is pretty much the perfect nude for those with a lighter skin tone, in MAC terms, about an NC25 or fairer. You can see swatches of this shade HERE.

The darker more brown nude shade, Bebot Love, is a good neutral is you have a medium, or a more olive complexion. I'd say if you're MAC NC30 to NC35. If you have a pinker skin tone I'd stay away from this one, it might look too brown.

This shade wore similar to Fergie Daily. Swatches of this shade can be found HERE.

While going through my lipsticks, I found that these lipsticks are exactly like the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipsticks in their creamy texture and natural shiny finish. So if you don't like the smell of the Rimmel lipsticks and want something a little cheaper, check these out!

There are 10 shades in this lipstick line, most of them a creamy matte formula, with a wide variety of colors from nudes, reds, dark berry, to a black!

I found that these lipsticks wear fairly well for the first 3 hours then starts to fade in the center of the lips by 4 hours and I would need to reapply. And for the first 2 hours, there is quite a bit of transfer if you eat anything, so that is something to be careful of.

There is a slight noticeable smell to these lipsticks, but once its on your lips I didn't smell anything. And, they're paraben free! So far, these lipsticks haven't caused any acne breakouts around my lips, which has happened with Revlon and Maybelline lipsticks for me.

Overall, the formula is very comfortable to wear and easy to apply, and it also didn't tug on my lips or make them look dry, however I just wish this formula lasted a little longer. For the price and the great color selection, I'd recommend trying these lipsticks instead of the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colors.


7/11/14 **Update, I've noticed acne breakouts around the corner of my mouth after wearing these, dang it! I still recommend trying these out, just be cautious if you have very sensitive skin 

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