April 20, 2015

Review: Laura Geller Fortifying Lashes Eyelash Primer

Laura Geller Fortifying Lashes Eyelash Primer

I recently received the Laura Geller Fortifying Lashes Eyelash Primer from work. This primer for your lashes is available at Ulta, the Laura Geller Website, and as a set from QVC. Individually, this retails for $22.

I've never tried an eyelash primer before, so this should be fun!

Let's get in to the review!

The primer comes in a sleek black plastic tube. The wand itself is the typical spiral natural bristled brush. The size is similar to the L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara.

Unlike some mascara primers, this primer is black in color. The formula is slightly wet, similar to that of a Maybelline mascara. It applies very easily to the lashes without being clumpy or messy.

Laura Geller claims the primer "creates dramatic lash length and definition" and "primes and fortifies lashes and strengthens them against breakage, promoting thicker, stronger lashes."

I applied one coat of the primer before applying any mascara. I noticed my lashes were thicker looking when I used this primer underneath. It didn't see any added length. However, I did notice that my lashes did look more spidery and slightly clumpy.

(Left) Primer, 2 Coats of Mascara, (Right) No Primer, 2 Coats of Mascara

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this lash primer helped prevent the mascara from smudging and flaking under my eyes throughout the day.

If you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts like I do, the formula of this did not irritate my eyes or cause any flaking onto my contacts. No false fibers!

Overall, the primer does a nice job of adding thickness to thin or short lashes. However, it tends to make lashes look clumped together and weigh the lashes down slightly. But if you need your mascara to last all day without smudges or flakes, this will be perfect for you! For $22 it doesn't make enough of a difference on my lashes for it to be a must have item.


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