December 05, 2014

Urban Decay "X" Eyeshadow DUPE

While I was swatching some of the single Urban Decay eyeshadows at Ulta recently, I noticed that the shade "X" is almost identical to the new shade I picked up from Prestige!

The Prestige Total Intensity Eyeshadow in "Spellbound" is a light gold with a pink duochrome finish. The color is almost identical to Urban Decay's shade in "X", though "X" is just slightly more pigmented. Both a beautiful wash of pink and gold duochrome, perfect for everyday.

Urban Decay eyeshadow singles run for $18 each, whereas the Prestige Total Intensity shadow in "Spellbound" retails for $8.49. So for less than half the price, you can get the same quality and exact same color without spending too much.

Here as some swatches of each and a side by side comparison. They do look different in the comparison swatches, but I assure you, on the lids, they look the exact same.

Total Intensity Eyeshadow


L to R: Prestige "Spellbound", Urban Decay "X"

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