February 08, 2016

How To Treat Acne | 100% Organic

If you've followed this blog for a while, you know that I struggle with acne on a daily basis. I have tried traditional acne products; ProActiv, Neutrogena, you name it.

After going natural with my beauty products, I found that oils, while helping clear up my skin overall, still didn't help clear up stubborn zits that persisted on certain spots of my face. 

Well, I finally found a product that is 100% Organic and really helps heal my acne overnight!

Organic Honey! 

I have been using organic, raw and unprocessed honey as an overnight acne spot treatment on a regular basis and have really noticed a difference in the time it takes for my acne to heal.

Typically, it would take about a week for acne to properly heal. However, when I apply just a dab of honey onto the pimple in the evening, the following day, the pimple is smaller and less enflamed. 

I will not typically apply this to my face during the day, due to it's sticky texture, but if I'm having a day at home, I'll put it on any active breakouts.

You could also make a face mask with honey if you struggle with severe acne or have very dry skin and your skin needs the added moisture.

Antibacterial Properties.

Honey has a longstanding history in the medicinal field for it's healing and antibacterial properties. It's been found to help clear up bacterial infections, both internally and externally.

Honey is also very moisturizing for the skin, so if you're skin type is dry and acne prone, and traditional acne remedies have been too drying, this is a great option to try!

I found the most effective method for healing my acne, was to apply it when the skin was broken so the honey could affect the bacteria inside the pimple. 

Now, this part is very important. Be sure to use raw and unprocessed honey that is free of any added ingredients that won't benefit your skin.

This method is a great natural and less expensive alternative to conventional acne spot treatments such as Clean & Clear, Murad, and Mario Badescu. While these options may work, they can be pricey and contain ingredients that you should not be absorbing into your body.

Head over to your local Whole Foods, Food Co-Op or your local grocery store and grab some raw, preferably organic, honey and try it out! 

*All skin types are different, so my results may differ from yours, and if you know you're allergic to honey, do not try this method.

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