November 20, 2013

Review | OPI Nail Polish in "First Date At The Golden Gate"

"First Date At The Golden Gate", OPI

OPI has released their Limited Edition San Francisco Collection!

Let's get in to the review!

First Date At The Golden Gate is a darkened cherry red with the smallest hint of orange. It is lighter than OPI "Got The Blues For Red" and leans more orange.

While the texture is smooth and does apply easily to the nails, the formula isn't the best. The color is patchy and uneven isn't fully opaque. While I do like color, I don't like the idea of having to paint 3 coats just to get an opaque color.

"First Date At The Golden Gate", OPI
2 Coats

The staying power was pretty good. I didn't see any significant chipping until day 4. However, the staying power couldn't make up for the streaking and uneven look of this polish on my nails.

This shade is most flattery during the fall or autumn time. It just looks a little off during the Summer months as I have found out. It's just that particular shade of red that is most appropriate during fall.

Ultimately, there are much better options out there for this color and I wouldn't recommend buying this OPI nail polish. OPI retails for around $9 at Ulta, Walmart, Target, and other mass retailers.


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