January 07, 2014

Review | NYX Glam Shadow Sticks

NYX Glam Shadow Sticks

Everyone always talks about the NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencils, well I hate those, and the color selection wasn't the exact shades I wanted. So I'm here to bring you my take on the NYX Glam Shadow Sticks!

Let's get in to the review!

I recently hauled 2 of the NYX Glam Shadow Sticks, one in "24 Karat" and the other in "Divine Amber".

I wanted to love these so badly! But, while these shadow sticks are very pigmented, easy to apply, and the colors are beautiful, I noticed even over primer they started creasing on my eyelids within 2 hours! I used these as a base to put eye shadows on top of.

I got these on sale for $2.69 at Ulta, and even though they were a good deal I won't be keeping them. I would never use something that creases this badly so quickly. While I do have oily eyelids, and maybe if you have normal eyelids they might work, I don't recommend buying these at all.

I'm going to start a rating system on the products I review, 1-5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.


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