March 15, 2014

Review | ELLE Nail Polish in "Surfer Babe"

"Surfer Babe"

As it is getting closer to spring time, I figured it was time to wear some brighter colors on my nails. This color by ELLE, which is sold at Kohls, can best be described as a Tiffany blue, or a robin's egg blue. It's not sky blue, but leans towards a light blue teal . The color is just beautiful!

Let's get in to the review!

"Surfer Babe"
Two Coats

As for the formula, it is very thin and is very streaky with one coat, but with two, it's perfect. The texture is pretty good as well, it doesn't look thick or clumpy on the nails, I wish it looked a little smoother, but its hardly something I gripe over. And as of day 5, there is zero chipping!

This polish is sold at Kohls and for $10. It's available all year round so it should be pretty easy to find. I highly recommend picking up this color for spring and summer!


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