March 25, 2014

Review | OPI Nail Polish in "Vesper"

OPI Nail Polish in "Vesper"

This dark purple polish from the sand collection by OPI came out with the Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection.

This shade, along with other OPI polishes retail for around $9 at Ulta, Target, Walmart, and other select stores that carry the brand.

Let's get in to the review!

The color is a very dark cool toned purple that is just slightly lighter than black. The color in the bottle is not what is looks like on your nails.

2 Coats

2 Coats

The formula is pretty bad on this polish, it's very thin and hard to work with. Even with two coats the thinness was noticeable around the edges and it looks bad. It's still streaky with 3 coats, to reach a truly opaque color you would need 3 coats.

Because it is a sand polish, it does leave a textured finish on the nail, which doesn't look good with this color. I used a top coat on top of my nails, as seen in the pictures to give it a glossier finish. I noticed chipping around the 3rd day, I wasn't impressed with the staying power.

There are many beautiful dark purple polishes from OPI and some of the other textured nail polished leave a better finish than this one. I'd recommend reaching for one of those over this one.


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