May 30, 2014

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Dupe!


MAC recently re-released their Extra Dimension Eye Shadows in their Summer Alluring Aquatic Collection. And for those of us not near a MAC counter that need to buy online, these shadows are SOLD OUT everywhere!! And for good reason, they are stunning eye shadows in the most adorable packaging ever! These shadows retail for $19.50 a piece.

While I was at Ulta this week, I noticed in the Essence display the Essence 3D Eyeshadows. They are almost identical in the pan to the MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows, both have the same three dimensional design. The Essence ones have cheaper packing, just a simple clear plastic container, and do have more glitter than the MAC ones. Though the glitter isn't chunky.

The Essence shadows are duos, instead of the single shadow that the MAC ones are. You can use the colors separately or swirl them together. I recommend using these shadows over a primer and try applying them wet to get an even more metallic finish.

And best of all, the Essence shadows retail for $3.49 a piece! The MAC shadows contain 1.3 grams whereas the Essence shadows contain 2.8 grams. You get twice the amount of product for 1/6th of the price!!

The MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection came out with 6 shades, and at and the Essence 3D Eyeshadows come in 4 different shades. Two of the Essence shadows are neutral, every neutral eye shadow lovers dream! The other two are a blue-purple/light blue duo, and the other is a light pink/silver duo.

So if you can't get your hands on the new MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows, or don't want to shovel out $20 for a single shadow, give the Essence shadows a try!

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