June 19, 2014

My New Favorite Highlighter! ONLY $2.49!

I've been on the hunt for a new highlighter for my face that is like "BAM!" in your face spotlight!

While I was at Ulta I noticed that Essence has a few new neutral shades of their Mono Eye Shadows. I picked up two of them, "Sandy Says Hello" and "Vanilla Milkshake". "Sandy Says Hello" is a metallic finish, while "Vanilla Milkshake" is a shimmer finish.

My favorite for a face highlight is "Sandy Says Hello"! This shade is a rose gold color with very high shine. Similar to Stila's "Kitten". The texture of this shadow is very smooth with very little powder kick up. I find the lasting power of this is amazing on my face! I can wear it for 8+ hours without seeing any fading or wear.

Now, this shade does have a glittery metallic over-spray which adds a lot of added sparkle to the face. But once you get passed it, the color is still metallic, just less glitter.

With the metallic over-spray, some of the heavier glitter does sit on the skin kind of awkwardly.

The way this looks on the tops of my cheek bones is absolutely stunning!! It almost looks wet, but in a beautiful way! I've received several compliments about how glowy and radiant my skin looks when I had this on. It's also paraben-free!

My one huge gripe about this product is the packaging. It's a very cheap clear plastic that is a little difficult to open, so be careful not to force it open and risk digging your fingers into it.

Best of all, the price! For only $2.49 you will get 2.5 grams of product. So not only can you use this as an eye shadow, but for a face highlight as well! This, along with other Essence products can be found in store and online at ulta.com and essence.com

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