August 13, 2014

Review: L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

I recently picked up the L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara in the waterproof formula to test out and see if it gave my lashes the extra volume they most desperately need. This mascara is available at most Target, Walmart, Ulta, and other stores that L'Oreal is sold. It retails for between $6.99 and $8.99.

This mascara claims to be clump-free, flake-free, smudge-free, fragrance-free and give the lashes "a volumized, sculpted lash effect. Lashes appear fuller, longer, sculpted and curled from every angle."

The packaging is absolutely adorable in the shiny gold mascara tube. The wand is slightly bent, but not bendy, which made it perfect for getting mascara on my inner lashes. The natural bristles wrap around the wind in a cylindrical pattern like a cone. The head of the mascara wand is small, which for someone who has small eyes like me is the ideal size.

I found the claims they make on this mascara are actually quite true! It's very buildable, I was able to put on 3 coats to get my desired effect and the mascara did not flake for the 12 hours I wore it! It did look a teeny bit clumpy after 3 coats, but I liked the look. 

The formula separated my lashes and gave them amazing volume with the fibers in the actual mascara formula and added some length as well! The first coat is quite natural looking and isn't as dramatic, so if you choose to apply a 2nd or 3rd coat the volume and lash definition is insane! Just check out my picture below!

3 Coats

The one downside, which really isn't a problem for me because I remove my eye makeup with coconut oil, is that it is difficult to remove, a makeup remover wipe won't cut it. And the formula is a little messy due to the false fibers. But for me that is just fine! Definitely pick this mascara up if you're in the market for a new mascara! Plus it's paraben-free!


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