January 07, 2015

MAC 219 Brush Dupe!

I was on the hunt for the longest time to find a brush small enough to add darker colors of eyeshadow to the socket of the corner of my eye. I wanted to define the crease just a little more. Unfortunately, due to the tiny size of my eyes, finding a brush small enough was impossible!

I have heard amazing things about brushes from MAC, and particularly, the MAC 219 Pencil Brush looked small enough and pointed exactly to the shape that I hoped would fit my crease perfectly! However, the one downside to MAC brushes are that they are quite expensive. The 219 retails for $25.

I was determined to find a dupe for this brush! It took quite some time to find the right size, most small brushes were still too fat and not pointed enough on the end to be considered a dupe.

But I finally found an exact dupe from Eco Tools!

I spotted the Eco Tools Day to Night 6 Piece Set at Ulta recently, and included in the set is a small pointed tip brush that is an EXACT DUPE for the MAC 219 Brush!

The brush in this set is called a smudger brush. Both brushes are small but tightly packed to pick up a lot of product, and have a pointed tip to fit precisely into my crease. They both also have wooden handles and soft bristles.

(Left) MAC 219 Pencil Brush, (Center, Right) Eco Tools Smudger Brush

This set retails for $16.99 at Ulta and is also available at most mass retailers for around $13.99.

Just to note, the cut of this brush tends to vary and yours may look different than the one I have. So dig around the sets available to find one that looks best to you.

Happy Shopping!

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