May 02, 2015

Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight

Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Review
Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight

The brand Philosophy is iconic for their gentle but effective skincare. The Miracle Worker Overnight is targeted as an overnight anti-aging moisturizer. This retails for $68 in-stores and online at Ulta, and the Philosophy Website.

Is it worth the $68, let's get in to the review!

This moisturizer comes in a sleek plastic jar with a screw top lid. Very convenient for storing in a drawer without being heavy. 

I have the 2 ounce size, the 4 ounce jar is also available on the Philosophy Website for $109.

Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Review
Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight

The moisturizer itself is a smooth white cream. The texture is very smooth, not greasy or slimy. I found it very easy to blend into my skin without leaving a heavy feeling on my face. 

I used this only at night, as recommended, after cleansing and toning my face as my last step in my skincare routine. 


The product claims to be an "age-resetting, anti-wrinkle moisturizer", that will also lock in moisture to help with dry skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

After using this product every night for about 2 months, I did notice that this did provide moisture and hydration for my skin. My skin felt softer and smoother each morning. 

As far as the anti-aging claims, I did not see any major improvement. (Keep in mind, I am only 21, so I do not yet have any major wrinkles) My minor facial smile lines and forehead fine lines did become less prominent. However if you have very deep wrinkles, I do not think this moisturizer will do enough for you to see any improvement.

The moisturizer doesn't have any strong fragrance, so if you have sensitive skin, you should be ok to use this. I also found that this did not cause any irritation or break outs to my skin. 

Overall, if you need an every-night moisturizer to help hydrate your skin and you only have minor fine lines or skin issues, this is for you. If you have severe fine lines or wrinkles, try out an anti-aging serum for better results. For $68, there are better anti-aging moisturizers out there. It's a good moisturizer for nighttime but not a miracle worker. 

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