August 24, 2015

Review: Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel

Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel

One of Urban Decay's most recent launches for Fall 2015 is the new Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel. Available in 5 shades, these brow gels retail for $20 (0.15 oz), and are available in-store and online at Ulta, Sephora, and the Urban Decay Website.

As someone with very hard to manage brows, I need my brow gel to keep my brows up and in-place all day. Surprisingly, it's difficult to find a brow gel without parabens. This new brow gel from Urban Decay is paraben-free!

Let's get in to the review!

Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel

The Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel comes in the standard plastic tube with the traditional spiral wand shape bristles.

Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel

The Brow Gels come in 5 shades, each shade corresponding to the same shade in the Urban Decay Brow Beater Microfine Brow Pencil, plus a clear option.

The shades include:

Warm Brown
Neutral Brown

Urban Decay claims that these Brow Gels:

"...grooms, defines, and sets brow looks for a fuller, more polished effect. Lightweight and never stiff or sticky, its water-resistant formula offers flexible, comfortable hold that lasts all day."

Let's start with the grooming and defining of the brows. I absolutely agree, this brow gel helps keep your brows hairs looking well groomed and more defined than if they had nothing in them. 

With the brow gel alone, I don't think this made my brows look any fuller, however I do have sparse brow hairs towards the end of my brows. This did however make my brows look darker more put together. 

As far as being lightweight, not stiff or sticky. I also agree. The formula doesn't feel tacky or like you're gluing your eyebrows down. 

I agree that the formula is water RESISTANT, not waterproof. It will remove easily when you take off your makeup.

As for the last claim, offering a flexible and comfortable hold all day, I agree. I would compare this to what a medium hold hairspray does for your hair. It holds your brows hairs into place but still allows for a little movement. There is not crunchy or gel like feel to the hold. This Brow Gel did hold my brows into place all day without wearing off. 

The tinted aspect to this brow gel helps to make your brows just a tad bit darker than normal. I used the shade "Warm Brown". Even with the warm tones of the brow gel, and  the cool toned brown color of my hair, it didn't look weird. 

I would say that if you have darker brown hair, you can use either shade, Warm or Neutral Brown. From those with light brow hairs, Taupe is a warm light brow that will work best for your hair color. And finally, for those with black hair, Dark is perfect for your hair color. 

If you have sparse brow hairs, this Brow Gel alone won't give your brows much shape, just hold. But if you have naturally thick or already well shaped brows, this Brow Gel will be perfect to just add a touch of depth and hold your brows into place all day. 

And if you don't want any added color or depth to your brows, there is a clear option that will provide just the medium flexible hold for your brows.

Overall, I think this a great option for those of you looking for a medium hold brow gel that doesn't feel crunchy or have those added fibers that can make brows look too thick. However, if you have very hard to manage brows, this won't be enough hold for you. I still prefer my NYX Tinted Brow Mascara for maximum hold. It's a great formula, but for $20, I would pass.


Disclaimer: I did receive this product as gratis for working at Ulta, this never affects my opinions or thoughts about the product.
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