October 07, 2015

Review: 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation

100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation

I was finally able to shop in-store at 100% Pure this past month, and I knew I wanted to try their much loved full coverage foundation, the Healthy Skin Foundation. This foundation retails for $45 (1 fl oz) and is available in-store at 100% Pure locations and the 100% Pure Website.

Many natural foundations tend to be light coverage, but this foundation claims to be full coverage, and I am all about the full coverage foundations! The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation has been my go-to foundation, and finding a non-toxic replacement seems impossible. Fingers crossed this one works!

Let's get in to the review!

100% Pure claims this foundation is:

"...full coverage makeup that conceals all imperfections so you look like you have perfect skin without looking or feeling heavy. Creme to matted powder finish makes your skin velvet soft...Colored from the pigments of fruits and vegetables rather than being colored from minerals or synthetic dyes."

The foundation is available in 9 shades. I am in the shade, "White Peach". The shade is for those with light skin tones with neutral/yellow undertones. This is the 3rd lightest shade.

**UPDATE 1/17, I currently wear the shade "Creme". It is one shade lighter and is perfect for those with fair neutral undertones. 

The consistency of this foundation is a medium creamy texture, not a runny liquid, and not thick like a mousse. There is no strong or obnoxious smell to the foundation.


Applying the foundation was not as easy as I am used to. It does take a little work to get the foundation to blend in seamlessly and leave no patches or streaks. I apply a few dots of the foundation to my cheeks, forehead, and chin and blend out with a dense buffing brush to get the most flawless looking application. 

My favorite way to wear this foundation is with concealer underneath, covering up any acne spots, and topped with a light coverage powder. This routine helps my face look flawless without looking too heavy.

100% Pure Foundation in "White Peach"

The coverage.

With one layer of foundation, the coverage is a solid medium coverage. It evens out my skin tone, covers up redness or pigmentation issues that I have. Even with a second layer of foundation I still needed a concealer to cover up acne and post acne scars. The coverage is a solid medium to buildable coverage. 

The finish and longevity.

The finish of this foundation is flat matte. It does set from a liquid to a powder finish. There is no sheen or luminosity to the foundation. If you have oily to very oily skin, you will love this for controlling the oil throughout the day. This is definitely not for those with dry skin or for anyone one looking for a natural or dewy looking foundation.

The wear time is quite impressive. I saw about 10 hours of wear before needing a touchup due to shine and my face oils starting to break down the foundation around the center of my face.

This foundation does an amazing job at controlling oil! I have tried many products to help control oil, and this product is the only one that actually controlled and minimized the shine on my face for longer than 6 hours. Very impressed. Whenever I want a little more glow or dew, I will mix in a liquid luminizer with the foundation.

Is it better than the Estee Lauder Double Wear?

No, the Estee Lauder Foundation blends easier onto the skin, looks more natural on the skin, and does have just a little bit longer staying power. But in terms of ingredients, the 100% Pure Foundation is better for your skin and body, and for those of us that need the help to control oil and not causing breakouts, the 100% Pure Foundation is better.


This foundation provides excellent wear time and helps control oil for those of us that need it. I wish the coverage was just a little bit higher, but nothing powder and concealer can't fix. This foundation is definitely for those with oily skin. I would not recommend it for anyone with dry or even normal skin, it will not blend as smoothly or look as flawless. The ingredients in this foundation are all natural and if you have oily-acne prone skin, you will love this too because of the gentle formulation.


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