October 04, 2015

Review: Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Mascara

Pacifica is widely regarded as one of the least expensive and most readily available non-toxic beauty brands, making it the perfect brand for me, and for everyone else working on a small beauty budget. I picked up the Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara while it was on sale on Target.

This mascara retails for $13.99 (0.25 fl oz) and is available in-store and online at Target, Whole Foods, select natural food stores, and the Pacifica Website.

Let's get in to the review!

Pacifica claims this mascara:

"...makes your lashes insanely long and gorgeous as it separates to build volume. Our nourishing formula is infused with coconut oil, kelp extract and vitamin B to hydrate each lash as it lengthens and strengthens."

The mascara comes in two shades; Abyss, which is your standard black, and Deep, which is a dark blue.

This formula of mascara is one of the few natural water resistant/ waterproof mascaras currently on the market. I can only use waterproof formulas as my lashes fall flat with non-waterproof formulas.

The brush is an odd shape. It is a long oval shape with small plastic bristles spaced evenly throughout the brush. The bristles taper and become longer towards the middle. I found the shape wasn't too big that it made it difficult to apply on my top and lower lashes.

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara

The formula. 

In regards to adding length, I'd say it does a pretty good job at adding length to my lashes. My lashes are naturally very short and small. After curling them before an after applying mascara, I noticed a visible difference in my lash length. 

In regards to separating and adding volume. This mascara does a great job at separating lashes without making them look clumpy. But no matter how many coats I applied, I apply 3 coats, I could not get any added volume or thickness to my lashes. 

The look that is mascara gives is what I would call, "Naturally Soft". You can still tell you are wearing mascara, but the look is a soft definition and length. Definitely not for those looking for dramatic, dark, and va va voom mega volume lashes. But you can layer this underneath volumizing mascaras for added depth and volume.

3 Coats, "Abyss"
Aquarian Gaze Mascara

3 Coats, "Abyss"
Aquarian Gaze Mascara

The biggest positive about the mascara is it's no clump, no flaking, and zero transferring throughout the day. I have worn this mascara on 12 hour days and have had no problems with it smudging or flaking off.

Also, this mascara did not irritate or bother my eyes, perfect for those of us with sensitive eyes.

Overall, this formula is great for those who are in need of a water resistant mascara but are looking for a more natural option. The mascara adds length, doesn't smudge or transfer, and is readily available at your local Target for an inexpensive price! However, if you're looking for dramatic, bold, or intense looking lashes, this won't be for you. 


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