May 20, 2016

Review | Silk Naturals Brightening Concealer

Silk Naturals Brightening Concealer

I have been on the hunt for a new under eye brightening powder that can replace my much loved Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Powder. In my recent haul, I purchased the Silk Naturals Brightening Concealer, which retails for $6 (1.5 teaspoon) and is available exclusively on the Silk Naturals Website.

This product is Vegan, and Cruelty Free.

Let's get in to the review!

Silk Naturals claims:

"Our Brightening Concealers are the perfect choice for hiding little flaws, and work wonderfully as a matte highlighter. They contain silica, and our HD microspheres so they blend beautifully, help blur fine lines, and give you a radiant glow. They're great for setting cream concealers, or you can use them all by themselves."


This loose powder concealer comes packaged in a plastic jar with a sifter. While it's perfectly fine for storing at home, this is not ideal for travel. 

I would have much preferred it if the product came as a pressed powder rather than a loose. 

Silk Naturals Brightening Concealer in Shade #1


The Brightening Concealer is available in 4 shades. I chose the lightest shade, #1, which is a fair pale yellow ivory. All of the shades are a variation of yellow. 

As the Brightening Concealer has a yellow undertone, if you have a cool or neutral undertone to your skin, like I do, this isn't the ideal color for your under eye. The yellow color is too much of a stark contrast--- it actually made me look slightly sickly.

I'd recommend the Brightening Concealer for those with a warm toned complexion. If you have fair skin, I'd choose shade #1, if you have light skin, shade #2, medium skin, shade #3, and deep skin, shade #4.

If you have more of a neutral or cool undertone, go for the Silk Naturals Sleep In A Jar, which has a peach undertone.

They claim the product gives your skin "a radiant glow"---no--- this leave a very matte finish to the skin. If you have dry skin, stay away, stay very far away.


The actual powder feels less finely milled than many loose powders I have tried, particularly the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores, which I actually used to set this with. 

When I tried to apply the Brightening Concealer with a stiff brush or with a sponge to my under eye, the powder clung to one spot and was difficult to blend out. The result was a patchy and uneven mess that made my under eyes look dry and emphasized my fine lines. 

It performed slightly better when I applied it with a fluffy powder brush. The Brightening Concealer applied more evenly, and I was able to blend it out much easier. However, my under eyes, despite the darkness being corrected and my under eye looking much brighter, the area looked dehydrated and the product emphasized and settled into my fine lines.

Mind you---I ALWAYS set the Brightening Concealer with a setting powder to prevent the creasing!

I paired this product with multiple products---a cream corrector, a powder corrector, with a setting powder---the overall appearance was generally the same---a dry, cakey looking mess under the eyes, which settled into my creases and broke apart after about 5 hours. 


Mica, titanium dioxide, silica, Ceramic Microspheres (Magnesium Silicate), magnesium stearate, iron oxides


The Brightening Concealer is very affordable, and if you're in a pinch, it's an easy method to brighten up your under eyes and correct moderate under eye darkness. However, the powder is not finely milled, which made it nearly impossible to get an even application or not have my under eyes looking dryer than the Sahara Desert and my fine lines making me look like I'm in my 40's rather than my 20's.


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