January 06, 2017

REVIEW | RMS Beauty "Un" Powder

"Un" Powder

During Dermstore's most recent holiday sale, I picked up the RMS Beauty "Un" Powder. This loose powder retails for $34 (0.32 oz) and is available on the RMS Beauty Website, Dermstore, and other online retailers where RMS is carried. It is also available in-store at Anthropologie.

RMS formulates their products with organic ingredients whenever possible and are specifically made to help nourish the skin. RMS products are GMO free, Soy Free, Nano Free, they are Cruelty-Free and several products are Vegan, including the "Un" Powder.

Let's get in to the review!

"Un" Powder

RMS Beauty claims:

The one and only powder you will ever need. This ultra fine, light reflective powder is the ultimate finish to perfect looking skin. A virtually invisible powder that minimizes the appearance of pores, softens the skin and absorbs oil.

Works synergistically with RMS Beauty "un" cover-up to create a silky second skin.

Suits every skin tone and adds no white residue.

Talc free, silicone free, perfume free and paraben free.


The "Un" Powder is encased in a plastic tub with a twist off lid and sponge for on-the-go application. There is no sifter, so be careful when traveling. 

I found the holes that disperse the product the perfect size for releasing powder. They're not overly large so don't be afraid of grabbing too much powder.


The "Un" Powder is a very soft and finely milled loose powder. In the packaging the powder appears to have a white color but is actually translucent and clear on the skin.

The powder provides a matte but not flat or dry finish.

Due to it's transparency, any skin tone can wear this. I find the consistency of this powder to be less messy than the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores. I never worry about getting this on my eye or product flying everywhere.


When applied to the skin, it does not cling to dry patches, uneven texture, or rough texture from acne. 

As for minimizing the look of pores, I would say it helped minimize the appearance for a few hours. I loved applying this to set my under eye concealer. I saw longer wear time and less settling into my fine lines.

This also goes for helping to prevent any product from settling into fine lines on my face, particularly my smile lines around my mouth. I will pat the powder with dense brush into the areas around my face that I think will either crease or become shiny throughout the day.

My favorite aspect of this powder is that it really helps control oil and shine all day. At the end of a 10 hour workday, I noticed less oil coming through. While I was still shiny, it looked more like a very dewy foundation than uncontrollable oil.

On my no makeup days, I love applying this powder with a big fluffy brush to lessen the appearance of my enlarged pores and give my face an almost airbrushed like appearance.

"Un" Powder


Silica, Mica


The "Un" Powder is a fantastic loose powder that leaves the skin looking flawless while helping to keep your makeup on all day. For those with oily skin, it helps control the shine. If you have dry skin, this won't leave your face looking dehydrated. And for those who just need a setting powder to lock in your makeup, this will help lock everything into place and prevent makeup from settling into your fine lines and wrinkles. With only two clean ingredients, I highly recommend it!

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