February 03, 2017

Ulta Beauty Vegan Shopping Guide

Shopping for Vegan beauty products can be very easy or it can be very difficult, depending on your definition of Vegan.

As Ulta is one of the most readily available cosmetic retailers, I have put together a Vegan shopping guide full of brands I would highly recommend!

Let's get started!

The standard definition of Vegan means that it contains no animal by-products. In terms of cosmetics and beauty that generally obtains to beeswax, honey, silk, carmine, pearl, lanolin, and other ingredients derived from animals and other living creatures. However, Vegan can also mean that animal by-products were not used in the making of said product.

My definition of Vegan:

  • Contains no animal by-products.
  • No animal by-products were used in the making or manufacturing of said product.
  • No animals were used in the making or manufacturing of said product.

If you talk to any true vegan, we avoid animal cruelty, exploitation, and abuse at all costs. So if a product made by Maybelline contains no animal by-products but animals were used for testing the product or its ingredients....how does that make it vegan?? Animals were still exploited in the process.

That is my logic, it is up to you to make your own decisions regarding what is Vegan and was it not.

But here is my (short) list of 100% Vegan brands at Ulta Beauty and would recommend checking out if you're hoping to transition to Vegan and Cruelty-Free beauty. These brands are also 100% Cruelty-Free and not owned by non Cruelty-Free companies.

Also, there are many Cruely-Free brands that offer Vegan options. If you curious about truly Cruelty-Free brands at Ulta, check out my Ulta Beauty Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide. Just remember to check the ingredients for animal by-products!

Some Cruelty-Free---Vegan Friendly---brands include Honeybee Gardens, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Mario Badescu, and ELF Cosmetics!

Please leave any questions or comments below!

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