April 14, 2017

Green Beauty Fails | Spring 2017

Whenever you try out new products, inevitably there are going to be some duds. Whether it did not work well with my skin type, or the quality of the product was down right horrible. 

Here are some products that I think you can skip and save your money on!

Let's get started!

Honest Beauty Everything Primer

I was hoping this primer would be a nice prep for my foundations---but without clogging my pores. I was wrong. The dimethicone in the ingredients clogged my pores which led to some immediate break outs. The primer also did nothing for increasing the wear time of my makeup. 

Definitely not a product you need to own.

$27 (Review)

The All Natural Face "Magic" Vegan Eyeshadow Primer

As a person with very oily eyelids, finding an eyeshadow primer that helps prevent my eyeshadow from creasing and wearing off throughout the day is essential. 

Unfortunately, the "Magic" Vegan Eye Shadow Primer was anything but magical. My eyeshadow creased after about 5 hours. The hunt continues for a non-toxic eyeshadow primer for oily eyelids!

$7 (Review)

Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadow in "Porcelain"

Red Apple Lipstick offers one of the cleanest pressed powder eyeshadows on the market. One shade in particular has been a disappointment lately; "Porcelain", a light beige ivory with matte finish. While they are fantastic in terms of ingredients, the performance is seriously lacking.

 The shade is pressed pretty firmly into the pan which makes for less than great pigmentation and poor blend-ability. Even worn with an eyeshadow primer, the eyeshadow creased and faded significantly throughout the day.  

$18.75 (Review)

Silk Naturals Contour Brush

While on the hunt for a contour brush, I came across the Silk Naturals Contour Brush. For only $5 I figured---why not. Big mistake.

The bristles on this brush shed before I even washed the brush. Every time I use this, I end up with bristles on my face and the brush feels slightly scratchy. Thankfully they have since discontinued this brush! I am hesitant to try any more Silk Naturals brushes for fear of the same problem.

Have any products been a huge let down for you lately? Let us know in the comments!

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