December 01, 2013

Review | OPI Sand Nail Polishes in "Vesper" and "It's All San Andrea's Fault"

OPI Sand Nail Polishes

OPI has a unique finish nail polish finish called "Sand Polishes" in their permanent collection. This texture is a rough gritty feeling that mimic the look of sand. Currently I have two OPI Sand Nail Polishes in my collection, "It's All San Andreas's Fault" and "Vesper".

Let's get in to the reviews!

 "Vesper", is a very dark purple, is very streaky and not very opaque even with two coats. I wish the color had turned out more like what it looks like in the bottle, a deep ox blood red. The purple isn't very flattering and just looks blahhh. It looks even worse with the sand finish. Oh well. 

It's All San Andreas's Fault is a beautiful matte taupe, and very opaque, even with 1 coat! The formula of the shade is perfect, not too thin or streaky and not thick and clumpy. I love this nail polish solely for the color, I just don't like the texture. I like to wear this with the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to even out the texture so I'm left with just the beautiful color.

"It's All San Andreas's Fault", OPI

I HATE the Sand nail polish texture on the matte colors, it just makes my nail polish look uneven and chunky. I have not tried any glitter sand nail polishes, I'd imagine they look much nicer than the matte colors I own.

But nail polish is a very personal product, what works for me may not work for your nails. I do recommend picking up It's All San Andrea's Fault, its a beautiful color and doesn't chip for almost a week, on me anyway. Skip Vesper, its very streaky.

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