June 07, 2014

Review | OPI Nail Polish in "4 In The Morning"

OPI "4 In The Morning" Nail Polish

I recently picked up OPI's "4 In the Morning" from the Gwen Stefani 2014 Collection. This Satin Finish polish is a dark charcoal grey black with subtle small flecks of shimmer.

Let's get in to the review!

The formula on this polish is pretty good. It takes 2 coats to reach total opacity and full color on the nails. While the formula isn't streaky, it is thin. This "satin finish" allows the polish to dry to an almost matte finish with no shine.

4 In The Morning

4 In The Morning

The no shine finish on this polish isn't very attractive in my opinion, it looks like a not very
smooth chalk board. But with a top coat, the color looks perfectly fine.

The staying power of this nail polish was horrible for me! I noticed chipping after 2 days and I could peel the color off my nails by day 4. I noticed it was mainly the tips that experienced the most chipping.

The combination of poor staying power and the odd satin finish without a top coat, this polish just doesn't do it for me. Right now this polish is on clearance for $4.50 at Ulta, so it's a good price if you would like to try it out for yourself. But I do not recommend this polish. There are better black polishes out there.


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