July 19, 2014

Reverse French Manicure Tutorial!

Here is a quick and easy nail tutorial for you guys! This is a reverse french manicure tip that uses OPI's "Did You Ear' About Van Gogh?"(Review HERE) and Wet n Wild's "Black Creme".

Step 1: Place a base coat onto your nails to prevent staining. I used the OPI 3-in-1 Strengthener.

Step 2: Paint 2 coats of the OPI "Did You Ear' About Van Gogh?", or any other nude color that you prefer, onto each nail, taking time between each coat to let it dry.

Step 3: Once the OPI polish is dry, go in with the Wet n Wild "Black Creme", or any black nail polish, and paint just the tips of your finger nails. One coat is plenty.

Step 4: Once the black nail polish on your finger nail tips is dry, not tacky, go in with your top coat to seal in the color and prevent chipping. Once again I used the OPI 3-in-1 Strengthener.

(Left) OPI "Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?", (Right) Wet n Wild "Black Creme"

And TA DAAAA!!! Simple and adds some posh to the traditional french manicure! You can change up the colors and instead of a black tip easily do a dark green or red!

Let me know in the comments if you guys have tried a reverse french manicure!

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