December 29, 2014

The Elf Jasmine Collection Has Arrived!

The Elf Jasmine Full Collection

I finally spotted the full Elf Disney Jasmine Collection at my local Walgreens. I've been on the hunt for this one so I can complete my collection of all the Disney collections! Here are the products within the collection!

First are the hair accessories. A combination of hair ties of purples and pinks. Cute little gifts for any girl that loves Jasmine or disney films!

Now to makeup! My personal favorite, the Beauty Look Book, and a large face and lip palette! The Beauty Look Book and palette retail for $9.99. I picked up the Beauty Look Book and the packaging is just adorable! If you get one thing from collection, pick up the Beauty Look Book!

Jasmine Palettes, $9.99

Next up are the cosmetic bags! There are four bags, one small clutch size, a standard small size (seen on the far right), and a larger standard bag (seen in the middle), and a larger tote bag with handles (seen on the far left). Each bag retails for $9.99 except the small clutch which retails for $7.99.

Jasmine Cosmetic Bags, $9.99

Now come some of the makeup sets! 

The collection features a 5 eyeliner set with the standard black, grey, green, bronze, and deep purple pencil liner. 

The next set is a collection of 5 nail polishes; a nude pink, light sea foam green, bright red, a dark purple, and a dark sparkly purple glitter. 

Both sets retail for $5. 

Eyeliner and Nail Polish Sets, $5

The next two sets also retail for $5. 

One set is a lip trio of two lip glosses, a pink and a red, and a lip stain. 

The next is a gorgeous set of a 6 eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, possibly a liquid eyeliner, and a sponge tip applicator. The eyeshadow palette features a bright teal, a pale beige, a medium warm toned brown, a black, a medium purple, and a medium toned blue. 

Lip Trio, Eyeshadow Palette and Liner Set, $5

And finally, there's the KISS Nail Art Kits! Each set comes with glitter accents and applicators for a fun manicure! There are four different kits to choose from. These retail for $9.99

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