April 09, 2015

Review: OPI Nail Polish in "Eurso Euro"

OPI Eurso Euro

I was finally able to get my hands on an iconic shade from OPI, Eurso Euro. This shade is from the OPI Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection. 

This shade is on clearance at Ulta for $4.75, down from it's original retail price of $9.50. You can still find this shade at mass retailers for around $9.

Let's get in to the review!

Eurso Euro is a dark navy blue color with slight purple tones. The shade is a creme finish, no added sparkle or glitter. 

The shade is very similar to OPI, Do You Have This Color In Stock-holm?. Eurso Euro is more blue and slightly darker. If you have one, you don't need the other. Check out my full review of Do You Have This Color In Stock-holm? HERE.

OPI Nail Polish in Eurso Euro
Eurso Euro

OPI Nail Polish in Eurso Euro
Eurso Euro

I found the formula of this particular shade very good! One coat was almost 100% opaque, but for good measure I used two coats. The formula wasn't clumpy or streaky. The color applied very evenly to the nails.

However, the lasting power was just ok with this shade. I started having chipping and peeling after the fourth day. This is about the same staying power I have with most OPI shades and other non-OPI brands. Not horrible, but not fantastic either. I always use a base and top coat. 

Overall, the color is very beautiful and with only one coat needed, it's certainly one of the better shades available from OPI. If you love darker nail colors, you will love this. The formula could be better in terms of longevity. The color is not particularly unique, so if you have a large collection, this may not be of interest to you.


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