April 28, 2017

NOW AVAILABLE | Pacifica Spring 2017

Credit: @ilovepacifica

Pacifica has released new products into their permanent line for Spring 2017! The new releases include 3 eyeshadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, a powder and liquid highlighters, mattifying powder, and concealer palettes.

They are available in purchase online and in-store at Ulta and Target, with the Pacifica Website to follow in the coming weeks.

Every product is Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

Let's take a peek!

Mineral Eyeshadow Palette ($14)

Beachy Punk (bold, playful colors)
Pink Nudes (matte pinks, warm nudes and browns)
Crystal Matrix (multicolored jewel tones)

Beachy Punk

Pink Nudes

Crystal Matrix

Plushious Liquid Mineral Lipstick ($10)

Velvet Kiss (deep raisin)
Crave (pink)
Aura (earthy clay)
Flawless (chocolate)
Breathless (true nude)
Bae (deep wine red)

Velvet Kiss






Rainbow Crystals Liquid Mineral Strobe Multi-Use Highlighter ($13)

Unicorn (reflective pinks)
Crystal Moon (reflective icey white and silver)
Nebula (reflective violet)
Dance (reflective bronze)


Crystal Moon



"...provides magical ice highlights that strobe and reflect..."

Ice Baby Mineral Highlighter

"Matte finishing universal translucent powder to set your look and get you through another gorgeous day."

Neutralizing Mattifier Soft Focus Translucent Powder

"...designed to send those dark circles under your eyes packing with three concealing colors..."

Dark Circle Rehab Concentrated Correcting Creams

"...your first step in concealing blemishes, targeting redness, and brightening areas or banishing blue tones..."

Blemish Banish Concentrated Mineral Correcting Creams

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