December 08, 2014

FROZEN Nail Tutorial

I wanted to do a fun nail look for you guys for the winter, somewhat FROZEN inspired! I did a basic ombre gradient technique in cool blue tones with a glitter accent. This nail tutorial is super easy and you do not have to be neat with it!

 So let's get started!

What you'll Need:

Top Coat
Base Coat
Light-Medium Blue Nail Polish
Light Blue-Green Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
Glitter Top Coat 

STEP 1: 
Paint a base coat onto your nails to protect your nails against staining and pealing. I used the Wet n Wild Base Coat.

STEP 2: 
Start at the base of you nail and paint one coat of the darkest color, in this case, Sinful Color Shine in "Alfresco", a periwinkle blue, to your nails. Don't worry about being neat when applying these colors to your nails, the messier the better, we don't want straight lines dividing the colors.

STEP 3: 
Paint the middle shade onto the center of your nails and blending it into the darker blue color. In this case, I used Rimmel's "Breakfast In Bed". One coat is all you know. Be sloppy with the application to blend the colors together.

STEP 4: 
For the final top third your nails, paint the tip a white shade, in this case, I used Wet n Wild's "French White Creme". One coat is all you need. Make sure blend down into the middle shade. 

STEP 5: 
You can either stop here with the colors or for an added bit of sparkle, paint a sheer silver glitter to the tops of nails to give the nails a snow like appearance. In this case, I used 2 coats of OPI's "Wonderous Star" from the 2013 Holiday Collection.

STEP 6: 
Finally, coat your nails in one layer of a top coat to seal in the color and prevent chipping. For this look I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. 

And you're done! 

Very different than the warm reds and golds typically worn for the holidays, but if you love the cold, snow, and ice, it's a great look to try out!

Let me know if you guys try out this look and how you like it!

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